About Us

Our Blaull natural cosmetic products from Berlin are handmade in the traditional way. Sustainability and ecological manufacturing are at the core of our company philosophy. We use only vegan and preferably ingredients from controlled organic cultivation and completely avoid the use of palm oil. To be able to guarantee this, we have refined and improved old natural soap recipes in a long and thorough process. The use of premium oils and fragrances revitalize the traditional recipes and give them a new, very pleasant freshness.

Guaranteeing the consistently high-quality of our products is our top priority. Therefore, we use only excellent ingredients from selected ingredient suppliers. Likewise, we produce in small batches with limited edition. Thus, our products are different from industrially produced mass goods. Somit unterscheiden sich unsere Produkte deutlich von industriell hergestellter Massenware.

Sustainability and quality

The plantation economy and the accompanying deforestation and destruction of huge areas of rainforest in the main cultivation areas of the oil palm, brought the cultivation of palm oil internationally significantly criticized. Be it for environmental reasons as well as politically. Unfortunately, much of the cosmetics industry continues to rely on cheaply produced palm oil, especially in industrial soap production.

We from the soap manufactory Blaull have decided to completely renounce the use of palm oil and thus set a good example in cosmetics production. Due to our new formulations as well as the use of higher quality and therefore also more expensive vegetable oils, we deliver not only an ecologically very sustainable product, but also one of higher quality.

It is very close to our heart to use only the best ingredients and on the other hand to produce in an environmentally friendly way. In the manufacture of our products, animal fats and artificial colors are eliminated. Our packaging materials are paper and cellophane bags (cellulose hydrate) and are therefore biodegradable.

Natural Products

Our soaps are pure natural products which are all made individually. This means they may differ in shape and color from the photos shown on the website. Each piece of soap made is unique. The possibly different appearances therefore do not represent a defect, but are evidence of the handcrafted production and a sign of the natural and high-quality ingredients.

You want your unique soap? We make it happen.

Maybe you are looking for the perfect guest gift for your wedding party, the special present for your customers or maybe even an exclusive collection for your business or hotel? Give us a call or email us. We will be happy to discuss all options with you, regarding size, shape, color, ingredients as well as labeling and packaging.

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